SEO is arguably one of the most effective ways to grow your business online. Your company can use it to stay competitive online while also driving customer acquisitions, sales, and revenue. SEO is more than just website content; if it weren't, we'd all be doing it. At CodePilot, we solely provide the most effective SEO methods to deliver rank ascension processes that are completely clean. There's more to getting high rankings in search engines than stuffing keywords into pages and praying to the programme gods. We don't just slap keywords on your pages; our SEO services do a lot more to keep you at the top of these programme results.


Our SEO strategy combines content optimization, technical optimization, and authority optimization. Our SEO executives focus on all types, ensuring that your website receives the full treatment while also continuing to optimise the intent and conversion rate of your visitors. We know exactly how to appease Google's ever-changing algorithms (all 500-600 yearly updates!) and keep your website's head above water when your less-prepared competitors suffer drops due to algorithmic changes. SEO is viewed as a scientific art by many business professionals in the online world. We will use a combination of science and creativity to ensure that your website is driven to success. We're not here to waste time; we're here to create SEO strategies that work. Brands strive to rank on the first page of Google's SERPs. It's where you want to be, with 62% of searchers clicking on first-page links. We're here to help make it happen.


It will not occur overnight. This is due to the fact that it is primarily dependent on search engines and their working mechanisms. It will take anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. Your website will be thoroughly examined, and a strategy that is best suited to your business will be recommended. Following that, the strategy will be revised on a regular basis. If you want to grow your business as quickly as possible, you must be consistent. You must nurture it. With consistency, your company will reach the market within the time frame specified.


To keep you ahead of the competition, we employ a 7-step process that will propel your company forward in leaps and bounds.

This audit focuses on your website's speed, user expertise, structured information, schema markup, website structure, internal linking, and, most importantly, content. Our experts will tell you what is working well and what needs to be improved by comparing your current SEO strategy to our knowledge.

We examine what everyone in your industry is doing. We will gain insight into what they are doing and where you are falling short by closely examining their strategy. We will also learn why search engines encourage them and how well their contents answer the searcher's question.

When we analyse your keywords, we'll look for additional and relevant 'longtail keywords,' which are simple search terms to focus on. We look for keywords that will attract the right people while also providing high user intent. We do this to drive relevant search traffic into your sales funnel and increase the return on your search selling spend.

A fundamental aspect of the Google core rule is the percentage of 'backlinks' a website has. The more high-quality backlinks a website has, the more likely Google will consider it trustworthy and authoritative on a subject. Common strategies include creating content for other websites (guest posting), finding broken links on sites from which we need links, and'skyscraping' challenger content by massively increasing it and obtaining their backlinks changed to your website instead.

We will improve your content management system. Throughout this section, we'll also examine your website structure to ensure relevant content is properly organised and to establish your website as an expert on the subject. Following that, we will make UX design and structured information changes to the website to ensure that your visitors find the information they need quickly and in an easy-to-digest format. We'll use Google Analytics to analyse the flow of traffic through your website, as well as heat-mapping code to see if users are performing the actions on the scene that we want them to.

We believe that transparency and consumer accountability are absolutely necessary for any SEO campaign to succeed. We place a high value on our reports to ensure that you understand why we are taking the actions we are. You will receive a summary of everything that has been implemented and what we intend to implement next, as well as half-track improvements in your website rankings, traffic, and subsequent sales.

Making the most of the traffic generated by your newly established rankings will provide you with ten times your previous results. We will help you identify traveller pain points and tweak and test to maximise your traveller conversion rate.