Data Engineering Solutions

We leverage the power of cloud computing to solve your business problems. At Codepilot Technologies, our Cloud Data Engineering team can extract, transform, and load large datasets to deliver game-changing solutions for organizations.

Cloud Data Analytics :

A company's most valuable asset is most likely its information. It can be a terrific option for making all the crucial choices if it's well arranged and used wisely. The place where you maintain your company's data is essential to cloud data analytics. Get an effective cloud data analytics system with Codepilot Technologies. Cloud Data Analytics services are a strong resource for thriving in the digital age. Probably a company's most valuable asset is its information. Information can be a terrific resource for making all the important decisions if it is arranged correctly and used wisely. The Golden Fleece of our century is data management, and numerous tech-based projects go to great lengths to acquire it. What causes this? Discover the benefits of having a powerful cloud data analytics system with Codepilot Technologies.

What are services for cloud data analytics ?

The location of your company's data storage is crucial to cloud analytics. It is handled from a third-party cloud rather than being kept on the company's own servers. This strategy works because it combines data analytics and business intelligence in a novel way. The processes are made simpler for your personnel when you entrust a trustworthy source with the examination of your data. For instance, Codepilot Technologies makes the most of your data with in-depth analytics, practical setup, and routine maintenance. As a result, your staff will get the precise information they require to finish their tasks. Some businesses might require a hybrid cloud analytics strategy. In this situation, the provider handles the data, but it is still stored on a specific server or in a certain jurisdiction.Companies that handle information subject to tight sovereignty rules can benefit from hybrid cloud analytics.

Data Infrastructure Modernization :

Codepilot Technologies can assist you with modernizing your structure due to our extensive knowledge. It's critical for businesses to keep moving ahead if they want to stay competitive. Our Data Infrastructure Modernization services are the key to a better future in this setting.

What is data infrastructure Modernization?

The most recent data management tools make use of cutting-edge AI and machine learning, allowing you to maximise the value of information in your businessIn this context, profit has the broadest possible definition.Data modernization will therefore increase your ROI. It also enhances security, increases flexibility, and streamlines processes. This is the process by which a company or organisation transfers data from a database or data warehouse to a cloud-based solution. It necessitates a significant advancement in the tools and materials used to complete the project. As a result, there are numerous advantages. With the right management, your company's information may be a very valuable asset.

Databases Modernization

Here at Codepilot Technologies, we migrate your data from old databases to Google, Azure, or AWS. As a result, data handling will significantly improve.

How does data management work?

Firestore :

It is a server-less database for developing applications. It enables real-time synchronisation between the website and mobile app.

Cloud spanner :

This database has a 99.99 percent availability rate and the ability to scale indefinitely.

Cloud BigTable :

This is the best option for businesses that need to manage large workflows. It combines scalability and simplicity with zero downtime and runs on NoSQL.

Datastream :

CDC and replication services without a server.

Migration services :

A simple procedure for migrating your database to the SQL cloud.