Data Analytics and AI

Organizations that recognise the value of data as a corporate asset and make smart technology choices to make data-driven decisions will thrive in this revolution. Smart analytical applications that bring together data from multiple sources, forming a meaningful dataset, and accelerating the delivery of business value are essential for today's organisations to become future-ready. Enterprises must now reimagine how they work in order to stabilise and take control of their business. Data and insights are strategic assets that enable businesses to learn about changing opportunities, hidden threats, changing customer expectations, and the competitive landscape in context and at the right time in order to respond meaningfully. This, in turn, helps to automate the supply chain, drive continuous innovation, and create customer experiences based on micro-moments. To enable the development and delivery of intelligent applications, use of artificial intelligence (AI) data, data governance, analytics, and machine learning practices can bring impactful results.

How does Artificial Intelligence help With Data Analytics?

This is where foresighted businesses outperform their competitors. They have already begun to exploit industry gaps by installing AI-driven tools that skim through each bit of data and read its hidden nuances to help make better data-driven decisions. This data can be used to fuel Artificial Intelligence models by businesses. In a nutshell, AI can extract useful insights from data. But wait, there's more! Organizations can aim for faster and better business operations, improved digital customer experience, and even faster product development by introducing powerful AI capabilities for data analytics.

Here at Codepilot Technologies, we begin by creating an integrated blueprint of opportunities - unique to their business - for data-led value creation. This involves:

  • Modernising the core to get prepared for the digital transformation
  • Building intelligence systems that interpret data cognitively to discover new signals and connect the unconnected.
  • Leveraging artificial intelligence to foster a learnable and flexible business that develops at a rapid rate.
We offer the following frameworks:
  • Data Monetization to discover and realise new insights-led opportunities that are unique to the business, to improve existing work, and to innovate in previously unexplored dimensions.
  • Data Monetization to create a borderless data landscape, fueled by cloud-based data platform architectures to scale data and pervasive analytics to democratise its consumption.
  • Analytics to encompass the entire range of analytics work performed in an organisation, from insights and modelling to AI and ML.
  • Data Operations will be responsible for developing automation-driven, scalable platforms for optimised data operations and managed services.
  • GDPR to assist organisations in becoming GDPR compliant by leveraging our end-to-end framework - Assess, Define, Administer, and Manage.