Custom Software Development

Introduction :

Each company has its own requirements that can help you reach your goals. Your business may appear to be similar to others in your industry, but it is not. A standard product is appropriate for standard automation because it meets your general needs, but for more, you need features that serve those needs specifically. This necessitates the development of a one-of-a-kind product. We have a dedicated team of experts who will listen to your needs and assist you in finding the best business solution tailored to your specific requirements.

What Our Custom Product Development Services Have to Offer you? :


Once the discovery phase is complete, we identify the resource mix required to develop the solution, as well as the timeline for completion via a well-planned delivery plan. Here at Codepilot Technologies, we also consider the risks involved and always have a backup plan in place to reduce the intensity.

Software design:

During this phase, we focus on a system's usability. The UI/UX is created here through constant collaboration among stakeholders, ensuring that it meets the desired expectations. This is the phase in which we create the system's blueprint.

Development :

Once the UI is in place, the Front-end and Back-end are developed concurrently, with resources chosen based on their skill sets. The developers in this case adhere to the planned delivery schedule.

Testing :

This covers a hybrid approach in which both annual and automated testing is performed on a production server as part of periodic scrums. We check for flaws (if any) at each stage with capable testers.

Deployment :

This section covers the tasks associated with migrating the tested system from the production environment to the live environment when the system is hosted for its intended use.

Maintenance :

Every piece of software requires a periodic update, whether at the functional or infrastructure level. We are your development partner and have various post-deployment support and maintenance relationships.

Discovery Phase:

We connect to learn about your business needs and match them with an appropriate technology solution. In addition, we conduct a feasibility study to ensure the strength of the identified solution.

Reengineering :

Codepilot Technologies will assist you with retouching an already-functioning app if you already have one.Small modifications to the platform's software and design lead to noticeable benefits.It will feel and look nicer, and it will be more responsive and effective.This can make maintenance and upgrades easier and enable you to adjust its functionality across various devices.


Are you working with outdated software? We convert it into a whole operating system.Codepilot Technologies can assist you with updating your apps if they are currently using antiquated hardware.We do this by utilizing contemporary programming languages, databases, and frameworks.

Research Based Development :

Technology, more than any other industry, is subject to rapid change, which can have a significant impact on a startup. As many internet entrepreneurs are aware, there is a lot of pressure to act quickly and find a solution before the competition. When founders simply allow their operations to stall, the primary focus is on working life growth, which is carried out by Codepilot Technologies with a research-based strategy for many firms and the implementation of machine learning and artificial intelligence. It effectively integrates the application of research techniques and data analysis with practical development activities.