5 Key features of billing software for businesses

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Bipasha Goswami

  • 09 Nov,2022

5 Key features of billing software for businesses

What is billing software?

Businesses use billing software to create and send invoices on time to their clients and customers. Also, the software assists in collecting online payments for invoices, tracking payments, and managing customer data as it pertains to billing and invoicing. 

Why do businesses need billing software?

Tracking customer payments is a difficult undertaking, especially if you use spreadsheets and other conventional techniques. To keep things simple and their records accurate, savvy business operators use invoicing software and solutions. Another advantage of billing software is the convenience of having everything in one place. Billing software aids businesses in enhancing performance and minimising mistakes by automating document creation and other repetitive operations. Additionally, billing software is not just for large corporations; it can also be used by freelancers and small organizations.

Billing software is typically used by businesses to create, send, and collect payments from their clients or partners. When deciding whether to implement billing software in your business, you have two options: purchase a pre-made system or create a custom one. 

A pre-made application might be a good option if you only require basic functionality or want to learn how billing software functions before creating a unique solution. But when you require additional special features or a higher level of customization, though, you can run into a difficulty. 

In this post, we'll define billing software, go over some of its main features.

1. Curated & accessible customer data

An invoice serves as the formal record of the sale of goods or services and includes all pertinent data. A billing software's ability to create precise, expert invoices is its most essential function. That necessitates accurate and current customer information for both billing and invoicing information.

2. Pro forma and Bulk invoicing

If you are considering purchasing from a client, the client will require an estimate. Estimates and pro forma invoices provide the client with an approximate cost and other details, such as services provided, scope, timeline, and exclusions.

Billing software streamlines billing & online invoicing by automating bulk invoicing. By automating invoice creation with bulk uploads, you can save hours that are otherwise spent in manually creating invoices. 

3. Customer tracking

Each business revolves around its customers. Without consistently strong customer interactions, no company can run. And remembering specifics is ultimately what makes for successful customer interactions.

To avoid guessing records, all client data, including purchase history and personal information, should be collected via billing software. When introducing a new product, you can use this information to target the appropriate customers. It aids in the creation of a marketing strategy when you want to expand your company and attract new clients while maintaining strong working ties with current ones.

4. Customizable invoicing

A business cannot function without invoicing, which is a fundamental component. According to their needs, every company must send an invoice. To enable a business to add or remove details as needed, a billing software must enable customization of the invoice. These days, some of the critical information that must be included on the bills are GST details, shipping address, billing address, party details, bank details, etc. However, it is not stated in typical bills, which is why customization of the invoice is necessary. 

5. GST Billing and e-invoicing 

Today, there are several GST compliance requirements, and every business needs software to assist in meeting them. For instance, if the invoice limit is exceeded, an e-way bill must be issued. You need an automatic e-way bill production feature in your program so that people may save time and get things done swiftly. A business must submit returns each month, which without software is a challenging undertaking. There will be less possibility of error if you immediately upload the data to the GST portal from your program if it has functionality relating to GST returns. Calculations for your GST input and outflow will be carried out automatically. You can also send the GST data directly from the software if your work is managed by a professional.

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