7 Tips Towards Successful eCommerce Website Development

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Bipasha Goswami

  • 07 Oct,2022

7 Tips Towards Successful eCommerce Website Development

Ecommerce has gained more popularity than ever before. An e-commerce website gives potential customers the ease of selecting the goods they want to buy, adding them to an online shopping cart, and then paying for them. However, developing a website from scratch takes time and effort. There is a lot of work to be done, from choosing a URL to classifying the products and having a website plan in place.

Unlike other websites, an eCommerce website is unique. A variety of other factors should be considered, such as SSL configuration, payment choices, site architecture, design, and page load speed.

One of the unique selling points is the development of an attractive and enticing eCommerce website. The use of colors, patterns, fonts, etc. with consideration for the elements of digital marketing, however, aids in developing brand identification. Having a visually pleasing e-commerce site is evidence of the rise in SEO as it creates interest in the products and services offered.

Anyhow, a successful e-commerce website is an online store that needs to be updated frequently. Having a great branding strategy on the website is therefore important since it fosters credibility and trust in the brand name. It also attracts customers by relating to your business concept and by addressing their problems and pain points. Access your website as well and consider how quickly it loads, how easy it is to navigate, how long it takes to complete the checkout process, etc.


These are the top 7 things that must be considered during the process of eCommerce website development.

1.Desired Content

Your website's content is its essential element. By addressing many of the questions that potential clients may have, the FAQ section of the website also adds value. Likewise, visitors to your e-commerce site develop trust with it. Additionally, since it will be scanned, the material on your website ought to be simple to understand. Short paragraphs and a strong call to action must be included in the content of the websites together with the appropriate subheadings and bullet points. So, to attract online buyers, create an eCommerce website design with the content that is specifically relevant to them.


2. Making the Website Aesthetically Pleasing

Most of the credibility of a website comes from its design. An unattractive website may give the impression that it is a fraud or can steal personal information. The long-term growth of an online retailer may suffer if customers lack confidence in the website's ability to provide excellent customer service.


  1. Including excellent and high-quality photographs on the website

A website needs to contain high-quality photographs or else the visitor will have a bad impression of it. The chosen photos ought to be appropriate for a website. For instance, a retailer selling the most recent model of a mobile phone online shouldn't use an image from a previous generation in a brand-new banner ad.

     2. Choosing the right theme or template to start with

Do you want to market to customers who come from different nations and use different currencies? The foundation for an omnichannel and multichannel empire must be strong. The crucial decision after selecting a platform is your theme. You must have a single visually appealing website that is tailored to reflect your brand. This is when your customers interact with your website. It must perform properly and look good.


3. Make it Mobile Responsive

How often have you tried using your phone to browse a website only to discover that a laptop or desktop is required? A website that is challenging to access on a mobile device may have a negative effect on the user experience. Because the majority of people in today's society use mobile devices, it is essential to make sure that visitors do not need to repeatedly zoom in to read the content on the page. Therefore, a mobile-optimized website that functions similarly to the web on mobile devices is a requirement for an e-commerce site. By using user-friendly mobile websites, you can attract more customers to your business. To guarantee that all of the website's pages are responsive on mobile devices, speak with a reliable eCommerce website development company.


4. Contact us/location page has to be created.

Simply launching a new e-commerce website is insufficient. If clients' inquiries aren't answered, you run the danger of losing their business without a contact-us option. For a variety of reasons, customers might desire to speak with customer service representatives. For instance, if the website experiences a technical problem, or a client may wish to monitor the box they ordered or let the delivery person know they won't be home to receive their order. Any eCommerce website must provide a phone number or email address. It is also important to note that not responding to emails or phone calls from customers can discourage them from making purchases online.


5. Speed Optimization for both Mobile and Desktop

The majority of mobile users leave websites that take longer than three seconds to load. In a market where your competitors are working hard to maintain their e-commerce websites, it might be a huge mistake to overlook the website load time. Any eCommerce portal that wants to grow successfully needs to make sure that its load time is quick enough. It is important to consider loading time when it comes to boosting sales since slow loading time leads online buyers to switch over to another site. However, if your e-commerce website has the advantage of a quick loading time, it will probably have more online visibility, which will lead to an increase in sales. Therefore, make sure you build an e-commerce website that loads quickly.


6. Get recognised with Digital Marketing

It is impossible to communicate with your customers in the long run successfully if you don't leverage the power of social media. The contact us page of your website can include links to social media platforms where the target customers can receive updates regarding new products and categories on a regular basis.

Establish a social media profile or link on your e-commerce website and post any new uploads on the user's profile. Because a social media presence helps keep a brand current and because it is the ideal medium for drawing the target audience's attention. Check out Codepilot Technologies’ services to learn more about digital marketing optimization and to locate the right social media marketing strategies.

7. SEO-optimised eCommerce Website 

By using the top SEO techniques, you may boost the amount of traffic to your website. Here are some tactics you might use based on the importance of the material you have chosen for SEO.

  • Conduct keyword research and strive to include the best keyword in your text
  • Using the language that the general audience uses
  • Use important words in H1, H2, and other headings.

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