Independence Day Celebration at Codepilot Technologies

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Rimpa Mondal

  • 10 Feb,2023

Independence Day Celebration at Codepilot Technologies


Celebrating Independence Day is a great way to show patriotism and honor the country's rich history and cultural heritage. Here is how we celebrated Independence Day at Codepilot technologies:

  1. Flag Hoisting Ceremony: We conducted a flag hoisting ceremony, where the national flag was  raised and the national anthem was played. This is a traditional and meaningful way to pay tribute to the country and its independence.


  1. Decorating the office: Our office was decorated with tri-colored balloons, flags, and banners to create a festive atmosphere.


  1. Food and Refreshments: We had delicious samosas and rasgullas and other snacks that are commonly consumed on Independence Day.


  1. Knowledge Sharing: We arranged a quiz competition for our employees and asked everyone questions related to  Indian history and culture to educate and engage employees with the country's heritage and traditions.

Overall, it was fun and each one of us felt the enthusiasm of Independence Day. Check out our reel on Instagram for Independence Day.