The 7 Top Websites for Boredom Relief

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Rimpa Mondal

  • 02 Dec,2022

The 7 Top Websites for Boredom Relief

Even though there are many genres of websites like business websites, ecommerce or shopping websites, personal websites, portfolio websites. 

However, what about those moments when you're bored? There are websites that can both help you pass the time and be utilised as pranks.

Let’s dig into the list and find the one which interests you


1) Hacker Typer - Hack like a pro 

This one is for all the developers who keep on hearing stuff like “hack my friend’s account, isn’t that easy for you?” Gosh !! With the Hacker Prank Simulator from Hacker Typer, prank your friends and coworkers. They simulate true hacker-like coding for you.



2) Supercook - Cook anything

This one's for bachelors and for the people who just can’t cook by themselves and invests their time online to search for that  perfect dish to cook for. Supercook websites have every dish for every single ingredient that you have right now in your fridge.

Just enter the veggies and ingredients and supercook will suggest to you all the dishes which can be made using what you have right now. Feeling Hungry? Click the link below and start cooking

Website :


3) Wayback Machine - Time machine for websites

Nostalgic feeling? Use Internet Archive's renowned Wayback Machine to see how websites have changed over time. You can select a date to view a website's precise appearance at that time. (For a true trip, contrast how Facebook seemed in the early 2000s with now. Do you recall the wall-to-wall?) or check any famous website which you like. I just checked Infosys, capgemini, accenture and TCS. Check your favorite website now at below link

Website :


4) Weavesilk - Draw any abstract art

Ever seen those interesting images and thought how they created it? Well, this website lets you design your own abstract art. Choose different colours, mirror any image and let that silky wave of colour complete your canvas. 

Weavesilk is an interactive kind of generative art that makes it simple to create symmetrical art with just a mouse or touchpad. Save the image and make it your wallpaper right away. Click the link below and give it a try

Website :


5) Quick Draw with Google 

Can a neural network be trained to identify drawing?

By including your doodles in the world's largest doodling data collection, which is made available to the public to aid in machine learning research, you can help it learn.

Here you are given 6 chances to draw asked items in 20 seconds.

See 50 million drawings done by actual individuals on the internet by visiting the data. Enter your doodles right now by going to the website.

Website :


6) WinPuzzles - 90’s kids games

Time to put your mind to the test! If you're my age or older, you might recall certain magazines or newspapers that contained a tonne of puzzles, Sudoku, crosswords, and other brainteasers.

As time passes, the majority of papers now have digital versions, therefore as you can anticipate, I have something special for you!

Play Super Mario, Tic Tac Toe, Solitaire, tetris, board games and much more at one place.

The list of your specialties is here. Take your time and enjoy! But remember to close the door when the time comes, or you'll lose sight of reality.

Website :


7) Codepilot Technologies - Software and Web Development Company 

Explored above websites? Every website's unique aesthetic and feel evokes memories for us. Now, if you have such an idea, get in touch with us immediately, and we will create the website, web app, or other software for you. Follow our instagram handle, codepilottech, for the most recent updates, fascinating trivia, and reels. You may also visit our website below.

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