Why do businesses need a website?

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Bipasha Goswami

  • 04 Nov,2022

Why do businesses need a website?

For all business owners still weighing the idea of creating a website, this is to inform you that you need a professional-looking website that attracts leads, increases sales, and differentiates your brand from other competition in your network.

Consumer behavior changes throughout time to adapt to new technology and become more digital. Let's give an example. The telephone was a groundbreaking new innovation in the late 1800s, and business owners knew that running an advertisement in the phone book was a smart move to increase exposure. The commercial status quo was then further disrupted by the advent of the internet and the digital revolution. As more and more consumers discovered they could locate local businesses online more quickly and easily, the internet became a primary source for local searches. 2019 saw an increase to 97% in the proportion of clients using the internet to find a local business. In order to rank in top Google searches, you must be easily visible online, which necessitates having an SEO-optimized website.

At Codepilot Technologies, we strive to bring small businesses into the spotlight and help them gain a solid reputation. 

Increase Exposure with Business Website

Making a small business website is essential if you want to inform clients, explain your value proposition, build brand awareness, and boost sales. 99% of people are unlikely to include traditional techniques of searching for companies if we were to compile a list of all the expanding consumer needs we are aware of. The reason is simple: it isn't talked about as much as it is in the media. In most cases, companies generate significant sales from their users finding their desired websites for functional products as a result of their continued browsing on the internet. It is also assumed that digital ways let you earn two times as much revenue per employee and also experience revenue growth over the previous year that was nearly four times as high.

In order to educate your clients, it is essential to build a small business website. It is also predicted that using digital ways would enable you to generate twice as much revenue as expected. Every industry, including manufacturing and industrial, is affected by this. A website is the first step towards digital development. Every day, we work with small businesses, and when it comes to why they don't have websites, we've heard just about every excuse and they are all misguided. In this blog, we've outlined the most prevalent justifications for why you need an optimized, accessible website.

Search Specific Website

We live in a digital world, thus your website is your most valuable marketing asset. Consumers won't consider a company without a website in 30% of cases. Customers increasingly anticipate businesses to have an online presence, including a website, and will view those who don't as being less professional. Being accessible to customers is one advantage of having a website for your businesses. There is a reason why so many businesses invest in websites that include SEO. Unbelievably, Google receives 3.5 billion searches per day, and right now, someone nearby is looking for your specific service online. 

The majority of businesses that don't have websites claim that this is because their sector doesn't use the internet. Business owners in the B2B, industrial, and manufacturing sectors are the ones who tell this most frequently. All B2B purchasers claim that digital website material has a substantial influence on their purchasing decisions, and the majority of them can make decisions on purchases solely based on digital content.

Consumers are less likely to trust you if you don't have a website.In fact,individuals in common admit that they base their opinions on a company's legitimacy on how their website is designed. People are more likely to do business with a company they trust, and they look for credentials, ratings, and reviews on websites first. Your website won't help you if it is poorly designed. It needs only ten seconds to form an impression of any website and learn what they can expect from your website and business. If a company's services are not instantly obvious on a website, B2B buyers will depart, and 37% will quit due to bad navigation or design.

For B2B businesses, this is especially true. People go to your website when they want to learn more or take action. They also want instant gratification, therefore when they arrive on your website, visitors should be able to respond to three questions of who you are and what services you offer and how they can reach you.

In this age of NOW, consumers expect the information they seek immediately. By creating a website for your business, you will be able to establish credibility and reach a wider audience than you would have been able to through traditional marketing methods. Stay on top of your website's content, address any technical issues, and you won't have to worry about "not existing" to your current and future customers

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