Why to choose Software Company over freelancers ?

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Rimpa Mondal

  • 25 Apr,2023

Why to choose Software Company over freelancers ?

Whether it’s a startup or large business , they outsource their software development project for various reasons. Experienced businesses  don’t face such issues as they know the importance of software companies but new business owners often face difficulties to outsource their web or app development project.

Well, there’s always a first time for everything and business owners often make mistakes by choosing freelancers for their software product. Why?

Let’s learn how software companies are always a better choice and not freelancers.


Who are freelancers?

A freelancer is a self-employed person who is skilled in a particular area, in this case we are considering software development freelancers. These freelancers offer services to companies, startups, firms or individuals who require websites or apps. They work remotely and work with a small number of clients.


Lower rate tactics are used to get more clients

Now let’s understand why new business owners consider freelancers for their software product development. The price gimmick played by these freelancers attracts many new business owners, as new businesses have budget issues and they consider freelancers for their software product development.

But let me inform you, once you start working with these freelancers, they will make you pay for every little thing you don’t have an idea about. Suppose they’ll quote a website design and development project for Rs. 5000, after successful completion of project, they’ll ask extra charges for server, logo design and content writing which they haven't quoted in the previous quotation. You are compelled to pay more as you have paid before and you don’t want to lose anymore.

They cleverly make money through these tactics. Don’t be a fool and do your research. These freelancers are gaining benefit from the fact that everyone is not tech savvy. Business owners somehow get into their price trap and later on regret.


Freelancers are expert in everything  but master in nothing

Freelancers don’t follow any rules or regulations.You can hire one and you get no specialization. Ask yourself , can you be a good salesman, software developer, Q/A engineer  and team leader all at once? No, right?  

Freelancers have to be all at once, imagine how hectic it can be ? You don’t get quality products and service.


Confidentiality is compromised  

Freelancers work with anyone who is paying them. Often, great business ideas can leak through freelancers; they might pitch someone else for a better offer.


Difficult to scale your business with Freelancers

Big businesses require a large workforce in order to scale up their sales and operations. Hiring a freelancer won’t help as their network of freelancers are limited and with limited workforce you won’t get benefit in the long run. Software companies have different expertise for different areas and will help you out in reaching business goals.


Professional Software Company

A professional software company offers solutions for every business requirement.  Professional software companies would be very helpful in the long run. They have experts for every field.

For example, a front end developer is only responsible for designing the website , app or software. Back end developer is responsible for  functionality of the website, app or software. A graphics designer is responsible for making images, logos, videos for the website or applications. Content writer is responsible for writing content for the same.  An IT support officer handles all the IT related queries.


Benefits of Software Company

Every process is systematically handled and followed in a highly organized manner  in software company.Constant monitoring of each project is done because company reputation and client reviews plays a great role.

With different expertise of people under one company, you get one step closer in achieving your business goals. Software companies work in a consistent way in order to deliver the final product.

Also, latest technologies are considered while dealing with any project to meet the current market demand.

Frequent maintenance of the software is also included in the package and you don’t have to worry about hacking or technical issues that are bound to happen sometimes.  


Confidentiality is maintained

Software companies work in secrecy for each client and have privacy policies. Your ideas are safe with us and that’s the biggest advantage of software companies.


Reasonable rates

This word “Software company” whenever heard by business owners makes them worry about the total cost. But trust me software companies offer lots of benefits. Depending upon the project price is decided and is very affordable.  

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