Employee Training Management System (ETMS)


PHP,Laravel,JQuery,BS 5,CSS,JS,HTML Laravel
PHP,Laravel,JQuery,BS 5,CSS,JS,HTML JQuery
PHP,Laravel,JQuery,BS 5,CSS,JS,HTML BS 5
PHP,Laravel,JQuery,BS 5,CSS,JS,HTML JS
Employee Training Management System (ETMS)


How can one maintain track of their company's training requirements?

Digitizing the records guarantees that files are not misplaced and that they are accessible when needed. Our case study reveals a cloud based software that manages all the training records of a company and simplifies the process by combining all of these critical aspects into one online system as maintaining training records of a company digitally. Whether a company employs 20 or 2000 people, this software can help to keep track of training records of the company. To provide an overview of training gaps, it provides visual reports quickly and easily.


This cloud based software is a one-stop shop for all of your training requirements. It is a cloud-based software that enables a business to easily digitize and quickly upload existing records via bulk upload. All necessary training information will be centralized and accessible from anywhere. It automates procedures that would otherwise take an inordinate amount of time, such as determining who needs what training, when they completed it, and when it expires. To gain insight into their company's training, users can create detailed customized reports using reporting functions. Although a designated individual will be required to monitor the company's training, the software enables everyone to share the responsibility by allowing everyone to upload records, receive expiry notices immediately, and complete auto-assigned tasks on time.

Maintaining training records in the workplace is necessary for a company's smooth operation. Whether it’s a small or multinational company, they must remain on top of training needs and ensure that all legal obligations are satisfied. Digitizing the data reduces the amount of physical space required and saves time invested filing and locating documents. This procedure can be automated to guarantee that expiration dates are not missed and that relevant employee training is assigned. Reporting functions enable to detect any gaps or expenditures that may be addressed by an authorized employee. This cloud based training record management system also simplifies the process by combining all of these critical aspects into one online system as maintaining training records of a company digitally is very essential for running a safe and productive workplace as maintaining a company's training records digitally is critical for running a safe and productive workplace.


Dashboard: When logged in, the dashboard is the main home page. One can create employee id cards just by selecting their names. A graphical representation of the training report is available for easy comprehension, with assigned employees for training and employees who attended the training separated and represented visually. The number of trained employees by department is represented in a pie chart, where the details can be viewed and exported to an excel sheet.
Report:  It includes all training records in detail, including total company staff, pending staff, and trained staff, as well as the training. The number of trainings attended by employees from various departments is shown in a departmental report. The total number of trained employees is displayed and can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet.
Department: By selecting the Add Department option, a new department can be       created in the system. This action can also be done in bulk by downloading the department template, filling it out, and then uploading it.
Designation: By selecting the Add Designation option, different designations can be added to the system. This action can also be done in bulk by downloading the designation template, filling it out, and then uploading it.
Employee: View employee section keeps all the records of the employee details like their department, designation, joining date, status, ID and also one can search an employee by filtering their name, department, designation or status.
Manager:  It is critical to appoint a supervisor or administrator to oversee the company's training and management of records and documents. The section View Manager displays all of the information about the managers. The purpose of the Add Manager section is to enter information about the manager into the record.
Vendor: In addition to the employees of the company, it is critical to keep records of the designated vendor who provides training to the employees in order for them to gain those skills for the company. This section is divided into two sections:

View Vendor: Here one can search about the vendor by their name or by their mobile number for more information about the vendor.
Add Vendor:  Here one can add more vendors by filling all the information that is required along with their image- name, address, phone number, username, password and submitting it or can also be added in bulk by downloading the template, adding the information and uploading the template.
Training: The Assign Training section allows you to assign employees for training    by  selecting the department, the date, and the training.

View training section keeps all records of training details such as training name, vendor name which is providing the training, location and mode of training, but one can also search about a training by filtering their name, vendor, or mode of training.
In the add training section, you can enter the name of the training, the vendor who is providing the training, the location, the training mode (online or offline), and the start and end dates of the training.
It also includes an exam section where trainees can take the test and receive their results for the training they attended.
Add Attendance: Here, employees from various departments can mark their attendance at the training.

Difficulties encountered while understanding the client's requirements:

The client requested a simple version that would be easier to use. Even if someone does not have the technical knowledge, they can access it without difficulty. They desired personalized software that could be accessed from anywhere. he client wanted a detailed report feature to be added against each employee with a provision of getting feedback from the manager.

Technical Problems faced by the team:

Because our software was advanced, we had to create a simple version with no changes in features to meet the client's needs. We had to create an inbuilt format sheet for clients to download and then upload in bulk because even minor changes in lettering could result in rejection or non-detection by the software.

Making it a personalised software as opposed to a generic one.

The client wanted to add a feature where they can know about the skills and knowledge gained by the employees due to which we had to add an extra section where they can give an exam on the training they attended and get their report.


Reports are well-organized and easily accessible by authorised company employees from anywhere.
Simplifies the process by combining all of these critical aspects into a single online system for digitally maintaining a company's training records.
Detailed reports on the company's employees can be easily uploaded.
It quickly and easily displays visual reports to provide an overview of training gaps.
Reduces labour because digitising records eliminates the need for physical space and saves administrative time on document filing and retrieval.
It saves a lot of time. It automates processes that would otherwise take a long time.
It enables users to quickly digitise existing records by mass uploading them all at once.
Data can be stored for longer periods of time without fear of losing the information.


The goal of this research was to learn various aspects of this software, overcome difficulties encountered during the project, and create the most accessible and user friendly operating software.