Online Exhibition Management System


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Online Exhibition Management System


Education plays an important role in developing children's creativity. Creativity is often measured as a static, aggregate construct, according to our findings.

A child's creativity begins with how they think and solve problems. Daily challenges to broaden their reasoning and understanding of the world, combined with an encouraging environment, allow a child to gain confidence in their views and opinions.

But how about organizing a state level science exhibition digitally?

Creativity is recognized as an essential 21st-century skill within education. Every child is eager and capable of learning. They gained their knowledge through their efforts. Interaction with people and their surroundings aids children's learning. They increase knowledge by connecting new and old ideas. 

The advantages of doing science projects are enormous for children of all age groups. Doing science projects helps a child's resourcefulness, particularly their goal-setting, planning, and problem-solving abilities. It also fosters intellectual curiosity, assisting children in developing new ways of asking questions and comprehending the world.

To stimulate creativity, inventiveness, and the attitude toward innovation in science and mathematics, National Curriculum Framework (NCF- 2005) emphasises activities, experiments, technological modules, etc.

Background Check

Even though we are considered the smartest species on earth, we find it difficult to deal with some global issues. The current pandemic has had an impact on all aspects of life, and it is difficult to find anyone who has not been affected. Many new programmes are being launched for students to help them interact with their peers. However, since most academic institutions were forced to go online and interact with their students remotely, students have witnessed a wide range of innovations in their lives.The sedentary isolated lifestyle in relation to Covid-19 containment measures prompted the launch of a student portal under a govt organization in which students from various schools were required to participate in a state level science, mathematics and environment exhibition for children and submit their individual project by a predetermined date.Meanwhile, students can begin innovating new ideas and implementing new techniques online through the science project initiative, with the possibility of being selected for the district level. Nonetheless, the changes in student education that have occurred during this time period will not go unnoticed.

Client's Requirements :

The client requested a simple version that would be easier to use. Even if someone does not have the technical knowledge, they can access it without difficulty.They desired an online portal  that could be accessed from anywhere for students where they could publish everything online by submitting projects at the school level and all of the results would be declared digitally by judges.

Difficulties Encountered During the Project

The admin panel was complicated and had four sub categories for login, so we had to create a simple version to meet the client's needs. The lack of appropriate data hampered the project and made it more challenging to combine and match data to satisfy all requirements.

Because of the server's size restriction and the fact that each student's video has a different resolution, proper server operation would be a little challenging. Therefore, a fixed resolution size in an fix format was established to avoid technical problems. Storage organisation was also modified to free up space due to server optimal space and video upload failure.



The objective of this project was to leverage technology to find new and creative solutions, get over roadblocks, and develop the most user-friendly and accessible operating software possible.